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GameStop today doesn’t require any sort of introduction. It is one of the most popular game retailers in the United States. GameStop is determined to provide the best services in the United States. TellGameStop is one such effort by them for the same.

TellGameStop is an official survey launched by GameStop to take the feedback from the customers and analyze them.

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GameStop evaluates and analyzes each and every feedback received from the customers through TellGameStop and takes necessary actions on the same. TellGameStop is one of the most incredible efforts by the GameStop to enhance the customer satisfaction level on their premises. TellGameStop offers some lucrative rewards to the participants. A fair deal, isn’t it?

Official Survey or Official Support

GameStop is a firm where customer satisfaction is given the top priority. It is one of the biggest gaming firms, but still, it believes that “There is always a scope for improvement”. Thus, they have launched the TellGameStop to be the best not only locally, but globally.

TellGameStop Prerequisites

Have a look at some of the basic prerequisites that are needed to be fulfilled to be a participant of TellGameStop Survey:

  1.  A mobile phone, or a laptop/computer with an active internet connection.
  2. Some knowledge of the English or Spanish language is a must.
  3. Your honesty while answering the TellGameStop Survey questions.

Eligibility Criteria Of TellGameStop Survey

TellGameStop has decided an eligibility criterion which has to be fulfilled by each and every participant:

  1. No person other than the legal residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, or District of Columbia is allowed to be a part of the TellGameStop.
  2. Only adults and kids should make an attempt to be a part of the TellGameStop Survey.
  3. You must not be an employee or a family member of the GameStop.
Official NameTellGameStop
Country United States
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RewardsGift Card

TellGameStop Participation Steps

You need to follow some basic and easy steps to be a part of the TellGameStop Survey. And, we have made sure that participation becomes a cakewalk for you. Have a look at the TellGameStop participation steps below:

  1. Open your favorite browser. Google Chrome is the recommended one.
  2. Visit the official website of the TellGameStop Survey portal at the official website
  3. Decide and select your desired language in which you wish to access the TellGameStop portal.
  4. Enter the survey code, which you will find on the TellGameStop receipt code.
  5. Tap the “Submit” button.
  6. A TellGameStop questionnaire will be displayed on the screen. GameStop requests each and every participant to be honest with their answers. Your answers will deeply impact the services of the GameStop.
  7. On successful completion of TellGameStop, you need to submit your contact details as they will be required while announcing the rewards.
  8. The above steps conclude the TellGameStop Survey. Now, just chill and wait for the rewards to be announced!

Why TellGameStop?

TellGameStop is a platform where you can express your love, your concerns, and your opinions regarding the services of GameStop with an assurance that your comment will be evaluated.

TellGameStop allows the GameStop to analyze the needs and expectations of the customers, and take the necessary actions on the same. TellGameStop also rewards you with some lucrative rewards which are capable enough to make you fall in love with it.

TellGameStop Survey Rewards

Well, you must be thinking that what are your benefits by participating in the TellGameStop. GameStop has made sure that participants are rewarded with an appropriate reward to thank the participants of the TellGameStop Survey.

On successful completion of the TellGameStop Survey, you will be rewarded with a $100 gift card. So, hurry up and immediately test your luck by participating in the TellGameStop.

TellGameStop Contact Details

In case, you face any issues while accessing the TellGameStop portal, you can contact the GameStop Customer Support without any sort of doubts in mind. Contact details of the TellGameStop portal are given below:

Official Email Adress: [email protected]

GameStop Customer Support: (877) 676-GAME

GameStop Working Hours: Sun-Sat(8 am-8 pm)

GameStop Mail Box: 625 Westport Pkwy.,


TX 76051

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  1. Very upset no call or email regarding my pre order that was released 9/4/20. Paid full price and let them know I wouldnt be able to get there till this weekend cause I work and I was assured it was still available but upon arrival all was sold even the one I brought. So my question how can u sale something already paid for. It was my son bday present 8/17/20 now I have to go home and let him down. Policy even said 30 or less days before they cancel order. So please help me understand, what is the purpose of pre ordering and paying the whole balance of the game the same day if when u decide to pick up its gone?


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