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If you are a GameStop customer, then most probably you want to participate in the TellGameStop Survey and win some lucrative rewards. It is one of the easiest and most assuring ways to make sure that your feedback is taken into consideration by the TellGameStop administrators.

You must be wondering that what are the questions included in the TellGameStop questionnaire. Have a look at some of the questions included in the TellGameStop questionnaire below:

  1. How do you rate the satisfaction rate on the GameStop premises?
  2. Do you recommend the TellGameStop to your friends, family members, and relatives?
  3.  Did GameStop staff recommend the best products suitable to you on your visit to the GameStop?
  4. Was your experience memorable on the TellGameStop premises?
  5. What was the primary focus of your visit on the premises of TellGameStop?
  6. How was the staff behavior of GameStop?
  7. At last, you will be asked your personal details like name, contact number, etc. as it will be required on your next visit to TellGameStop.

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